School of Tropical Medicine has a tradition of maintaining collection of books and publications / journals authored by eminent research scholars and medical practitioners. The Library started functioning in 1921 with the collection of books brought from Asiatic Society.

Presently, there are over 65,000 books, Journals, Records and Gazetteers stocked in the Library.


Name Designation
Smt Anasua Sen Librarian
Sri Bijoy Hela C.T & S.W
Smt Sraboni Hajra Scavenger
Sri Kamalesh Mistry Scavenger

Besides current textbooks and journals the library has a treasure of collection of books written by stalwarts like Sir Leonard Rogers, Ronald Ross, Dr L E Napier, Lt-Col H W Acton, Dr E Muir, Dr U N Brahmachari, Dr S N Dey, Dr J B Chatterjea and others.

Faculties, students and visitors can go through these for gathering pertinent information.