Department of Infectious Diseases and Advanced Microbiology

Faculty and Staff

Name Designation
Prof. (Dr.) Bibhuti Saha Professor and Head
Dr. Soumendra Nath Haldar Assistant Professor
Dr. Shekhar Pal Assistant Professor
Dr. Agnibho Mondal Senior Resident
Surajit Das Contractual Staff

Academic Course

Patient Care Services

Infectious Diseases and Advanced Microbiology OPD (2022)

Patients Number
New Patients 143
Follow-up visits 49

Adult Immunization and Travel Medicine Clinic (2022)

Patients Number
New Patients 313
Follow-up visits 33

Indoor Patient Care and Critical Care Support (2022)

Patients Number
Admission 21
Discharge 14

Adult Vaccination

Total number of persons vaccinated in 2022: 313

Number of healthcare workers vaccinated (influenza) in 2022: 85

Vaccine Number of persons vaccinated
Influenza 250
Pneumococcal (Conjugate) 56
Pneumococcal (Polysaccharide) 59
Hepatitis B 30

Ongoing Research Activities

Investigator Title of the Project
Prof Bibhuti Saha Development of a simple scoring system based on clinical findings and simple laboratory tests for patients presenting with acute febrile illness
Prof Bibhuti Saha Dynamics of anti-SARS COVID-2 antibody among symptomatic and asymptomatic cases


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