Videos / Lectures
Lecture Sessions by guest faculty on January 27 and 28, 2016

Lecture by Dr. Dhruba Malakar, Principal Scientist,
National Dairy Research Institute

Lecture of Prof. David Harris of
Arizona University of Science and Technology
Lecture Sessions on impact of stem cells on the plants, animals and human being on January 08, 2016

Ornella Parolini, International Guest Faculty from Italy,
delivers lectures on impact of Stem Cell on Plants,
Animals and Human Being on January 08, 2016

Prof. Niranjan Bhattacharya in his lecture on impact of Stem Cell on Plants and human organs, on January 08, 2016
Inauguration of FRMTS Course 2015

Prof. Susanta Bandopadhyay, DME, Govt. of WB,
addressing the students

Prof. Bhabatosh Biswas, VC, WBUHS, in his address

Prof. Niranjan Bhattacharya, Head of Department RMTS, delivering lecture

Prof. Niranjan Bhattacharya, Head of Department RMTS, addressing the students

Prof Nandita Basu, Director CSTM, in her welcome address

Prof. Sailen Kumar Bhattacharya, veteran orthopedist, addressing in the session
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