Cord Blood Bank
Concept of Cord Blood Bank is to collect and preserve Cord Blood or Placenta that is discharged by a pregnant mother during delivery of the baby, that goes waste. If this amino fluid with the cord can be preserved, this can cure many diseases through stem cell  generation and rich blood content and also can be of assistance to surgery.

Umbilical cord stem cells can be collected through a simple, non-invasive process at the time of birth, without any harm to the mother or the baby. The quality and quantity of stem cells in our bodies decrease substantially with age. By collecting and preserving these umbilical cord stem cells at birth, one can get access to youngest and purest cells. Umbilical cord stem cells can treat over many medical conditions today. Clinical trials around the world are checking the capability of these stem cells to treat various other medical conditions in the future. Once preserved, these stem cells do not have an expiration date. They can be preserved for a lifetime and be called upon anytime in the future for treatment, if the need arises. The blood content has richer value of White Blood Cell Count, Haemoglobin and Platelet.

This Cord Blood Bank becomes a part of research in futuristic medicine.  Let’s hear from Prof. (Dr.) Niranjan Bhattacharya on Cord Blood Bank. This is the video speech he delivered during inauguration of Cord Blood Bank in CSTM, by the honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal.

Prof Niranjan Bhattacharya, HOD RMTS,
speaks on application of Cord Blood

Demonstration By HOD RMTS on treatment with cord blood
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