Centre of Excellence (COE) – HIV Care
  • Saha P., Guha S. K., Das S, Mallick S, Ganguly S, Bera D. K., Biswas A, Chattopadhyay G., Das M, Kundu P. K., Ray K, and Maji A. K. (2012) comperative efficasy of Artemisin combination Therapica (ACTs) in P. falciparum malaria and polymorphism of Pf AT Pase 6, Pfcrt and Pfdhps genes in tea gardens of Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal, India. Antimicrobial Agent and Chemotheraphy, 56:2511-2517.
  • Ganguly S, Saha P, Guha S. K., Das S, Bera D. K., Biswas A, Kundu P. K., Saha B, Ray K, and Majhi A. K. (2012) In vivo therapeatic efficacy of choroquine alone or in combination with primaquine in vivax malaria in Kolkata, West Bengal, India and polymerphism in pvmdr1 and pvcrt-o genes Antimicrobial Agent and Chemotherapy. (In press) doi : 10.1128 / AAC.02050-12.
  • Mandal D, Roy D, Bera D. K. and Manna B, (2012) occurance of gravid Loa loa in subconjunctival space of man : a case report from West Bengal, India. Journal of Parasitive Diseases, DOI 10.1007/S 12639-012-0130-3.
  • Saha P, Naskar A, Ganguly S, Das S, Guha S. K., Biswas A, Bera D. K., Kundu P. K., Das M, Mullick S, Ray K, and Majhi A. K. (2012) Therapeutic efficacy of Artemisinni Combination Therapies and prevalence of S769N mutation in PfAT Page 6 gene of P. falciparum in Kolkata, India. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine. (In press).
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