Centre of Excellence (COE) – HIV Care
Projects in hand
Project In-charge Sourcing/Funding Agency Period
Limber Stem Cell Dr. Sujata Law ICMR, New Delhi From 11.07.2011
CSIR-NET SRF Sagar Acharya Prof. Swapna Choudhury CSIR, New Delhi From 23.08.2010
Studies on Dengue and its vector Dr. A. K. Hati DST, WB From 21.09.2012
Drug Information and Dissemination Centre Prof. K. Ray WBSH&FW Samiti From 29.05.2010
Pharmacology Dept, STM Dr. Chandan Saha CSIR, New Delhi From 18.02.2012
DBT (BCIL), GOI Dr. Mandira Mukherjee DBT,GOI From 05.12.2012
Involvement of Hedgehog Dr. Sujata Law CSIR, New Delhi From 22.06.2012
Age Sex & Ethnic variation Dr. P. K. Kundu DST, West Bengal From 21.09.2012
Identification & Molecular Dr. Anusri Tripathi Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of WB From 20.03.2012
Dept. of Tropical Medicine, STM Prof. S.K. Guha ICMR, New Delhi From 02.02.2012
Training on Rational Drug Management Prof. S. K. Tripathi  NRHM From 21.05.2011
Refresher Training of Laboratory Tech Prof. Pratip Kundu NRHM From 21.05.2011
Publication of volume of the Novel Research Prof. K. Roy Asiatic Society From 15.06.2012
Clinical trial of drug candidate Prof. S.K.Tripathi IICB From 29.06.2011
A Search of Antiangiogenic Prof. Swapna Choudhury DST, GOI From 30.08.2011
Dept of Dermatology, STM Prof. D. N. Ganguly World Health Organisation From 17.09.2011
Research project Prof. Bibhuti Saha NRHM From 18.08.2012
Research project Dr. Ardhendu Maji NRHM From 16.11.2012
Vivax Malaria Prof. S. K. Tripathi Ranbaxy From 13.09.2012
Vector Borne diseases control prog Japanese encepalities   WBSH&F Welfare Samity, Govt. of WB From 27.12.2012
Vector Borne diseases control prog Dengue/Chikungunya   WBSH&F Welfare Samity, Govt. of WB From 13.09.2012
Thalassaemia Control Programme   WBSHF Welfare Samity, Govt. of WB From 01.10.2010
Dengue and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever
Institutionalizing Medical Research in the Periphery
Prevention and Control of Tropical Diseases in the 21st Century : Back to the Field
Snake Venom may slow Cancer Growth
Essential Quality Assessment Scheme (EQAS) by Virology Department
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