Centre of Excellence (COE) – HIV Care
Hepatitis B and Antiviral Therapy
ICMR supported research project entitled ‘Studies on Antiviral Therapy that limits the Emergence of HBV Resistance in HIV/HBV Co-infection’.

(IRIS ID No. 2009-05630) conducted jointly by School of Tropical Medicine  and ICMR Virus Unit, Kolkata. Clinical trial registration number of the project is CTRI/2012/03/002471. 3 years project started from 1st July, 2011.

HBV infection is common among patients with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection because of shared routes of viral transmission. HIV co-infection leads to increased cirrhosis and liver-related mortality from chronic hepatitis B. In HIV-HBV co-infection HBV infection is frequent and more severe than in mono infected subjects. Several antivirals are available nowadays. The challenge is how to best use these drugs long-term to minimize antiviral resistance and maintain maximal antiviral suppression.

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