Centre of Excellence (COE) – HIV Care
Professor and HOD : Prof. Pranab Kumar Bhattacharyya
Associate Professor    : Dr. Anuradha De
  : Dr. Sumana Mukherjee
Demonstrator : Dr.  Soma Das
  : Dr. Sovan Biswas
Medical Technologist : Mr. Sunil Kumar Banerjee
  : Mr. Pradyut Dey  
GDA : Mr. Ranjan Pal Dhurpa Soren
Sweeper : Mr. Laxman Hazra
Clinical Pathology Unit
Clinical Pathologist : Dr Soma Das
  : Mr Debabrata Das
GDA : Mr.  Monotosh Hela
Sweeper : Mr Rajen Chandra Mashi
  : Mr. Lalmohon Murmu
  : Mr. Pannalal Hela
Artist : Mr. Nirmal Chandra Roy
GDA : Mr. Goutam Chakraborty
DCP Students
Final year (2011-2013 Batch)
-    Dr Tapan Mondal  MBBS
-    Dr Abhirup Sinha  MBBS
-    Dr Aparajita Dhar  MBBS
First year (2012-2014 Batch)
-    Dr. Santu Ghosh
-    Dr. Tamal Halder
-    Dr. Koushik Kar
-    Dr. Md I H Rana
-    Dr. Kaushik Pal

DLT students
       1st year –Twenty Six  in numbers on rotation basis
      2nd year – Internship on rotation basis in various departments & Item clearance in Pathology,& Clinical Pathology

Officers / Staff transferred out and joined in this department :

  1. Professor (Dr.) Tamal Kanti Ghosh, Professor of Pathology STM & MSVP STM  had been Transferred & released on 17.05.2011 and he joined as MSVP in the IPGME & R /SSKM hospital Kolkata-20.
  2. Dr. Ranu Roy Biswas-: Asst. Professor of The Dept of Pathology had been elevated to higher Academic post  and posted as Associate Professor in Dept of Pathology, NBMC, Siliguri released on 31/10/2012.
  3. Dr. Anuradha De was transferred to R. G. Kar Medical College for MCI inspection from 14/05/2012 to 08/06/2012 and she again posted as Associate Professor, Pathology, STM and joined in the Department on 09/06/2012.
  4. Dr. Sumana Mukherjee joined in the Department on 31/10/2012 as Associate Professor, Pathology STM from NRS Medical college kolkata.
  5. Mr .Tapan Kumar Roy, Medical Technologist, Clinical Pathology had been superannuated on 30/11/2012.
  6. Dr. Sovan Biswas joined in the department of Pathology as Demonstrator on 21/12/2012.

Department Renovation Works and Instruments Procured for the department of Pathology :

  1. Newly built DCP & DLT classroom with four AC machine attached was handed over by PWD civil after modernization & renovation of Room No. 26A in the third floor. A little modification in teacher’s room and a sliding door between DCP & DLT class  is required and requisitions for same given to PWD civil. Fully operational practical class room is going on for both DLT and DCP students. Tables/chairs/tools – could  not  be procured yet- several  requisions  given
  2. The museum (in the fourth floor) has been renovated and modernized and civil works almost completed, electrical works is going on still by PWD, Electricals wings. Rare specimens of different diseases of different systems from pre-independent era are here . Total no of specimens are over 270 along with over 200  charts, models and diagrams.
  3. Rs. 1 Cr. 26 Lacks. has been sanctioned from GOI Fund for Department of Pathology as declared by Prof. K Roy- the ex director STM in staff meeting.
  4. A local made, hand operated (RSW made) Microtome had been purchased for the department. One box( 50 nos) disposable microtome knife procured.  A FNAC Gun procured. Tender bid for  a semi automated microtome Tissue processor, penta-headed microscope, Trino- ocular microscope with immuno fluorescence attachments; RT PCR, slide projectors; Interactive electronic display board- etc done thrice.
  5. Ten (10 pieces) of De-winter Binocular Microscopes had been purchased for the DCP students &faculty. Two small sizes  blackboards with flexible stands, one each for DCP and DLT classrooms have been purchased.
  6. Two centrifuge machine have been purchased(REMI) one for pathology ,one for Clinical Pathology Department. Water bath requisions  given –not obtained.
Histopathology 81 cases
F.N.A.C. 278 cases
Fluid Cytology (cell count HE, PAP) including CSF cell count, cell types, India ink 173 cases
Review slides 15 cases
Special stains done in pathology department are PAS, VG,Leishman-Gimsa, Perl’s, Z-N stain.
Clinical Pathology 2012 :
Stool  routine Examinations Indoor 800 cases
OPD 310 cases
Urine routine Examinations Indoor 1960 cases
OPD 815 cases

Haematology :
Blood slide examinations often were done form  OPD/ ART  and Indoor patients sent from Laboratory Medicine department  ( average slides - 25 – 35/per day)

Teaching Schedule in the Department :
a) MD Tropical Medicine
b) DCP – Routine classes, slides spotting, journal clubs, students’ seminar under moderation by faculty  regularly done, DCP  students are sent to Blood Banks for transfusion medicine  in Medical colleges.
c) D.L.T – Routine theoretical & practical class and training done on regular basis on histopathology, cytopathology, clinical pathology, Transfusion medicine.

Meeting and Seminars :

  1. IAPM (W.B Chapter) monthly meeting – done in  February, 2012, Case presentations was done by Dr. Abhirup Sinha, Dr. Aparajita Dhar and Dr. Tapan Mondal- DCP students (held on 04/02/2012).
  2. Prof. P. C. Sengupta Memorial Oration (conducted by Pathology Dept) – Prof. Monoj Chowdhury, Special Secretary, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of  West Bengal, delivered the oration on 5th July, 2012. Topic was ‘Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology – Opportunities and Challenges’.
  3. Seminars done in department with date : 4th  July 2011- Cell in health & diseases;  11th July 2011- HLA;  18th july 2011- Hepatitis B&C; 28th July 2011- Metastasis;  5th August 2011- Acute inflammation ;  1st August 2012 – Inflammatory Mediators ; 8th August 2012- Pigments in histology;  22th August 2012- TB in Indian scenario; 29th August 2012 –Metastasis: 12 sept 2012- Immunohistochemistry;  19th sept 2012- Flow cytometry;  26th sept 2012- Polymerase chain reaction; 3rd october2012- Atherometosis;  10th October  2012- PAP Smear & Bethesda System; 17th October 2012- Collagen & its significances in diseases; 7th November 2012-  Hypertension-; 14th November 2012- Cardiac Enzymes; 21st November -CSF examinations ; 5th December 2012- Renal function tests ; 12th December- Liver function tests; 19 December 2012- Leprosy; 28th December 2012- Granulomatous diseases of Skin;
  4. Journal club - 23 journal clubs in 2012.

Activities of Faculty Members :

1. Prof. Pranab Kumar Bhattacharya :
a. Training, Research and Diagnostic works
b. Publications – Total number of publications: Two hundred and Sixty (260), out of which in National level / state level Indexed Journals:- 100 ( Including Originals/Review articles/ papers and Abstracts papers) and  in international journals : 160( Letters to the editor /correspondence articles/ Rapid Responses Published /comments Published/Review articles / E. letters/ yours comment / original papers [Please search Google.com/Google scholar/yahoo.com  search engine with key words” Professor Pranab kumar Bhattacharya”].

2. Dr Anuradha De
a) Training & Research & Routine works
b) Publications – Twenty (20), International journal – four (04)

3. Dr Sumana Mukherjee
a) Researches, Training& Routine Diagnostic works
b) Publications – Six (6) in numbers; International - Nil

4. Dr. Soma Das
a) Research. Training &Routine diagnostic works
b) Clinical pathology in charge
c) Publications – Three (03) in nos

5. Dr Sovan Biswas - Publication Nil

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