Centre of Excellence (COE) – HIV Care
Department of Mycology had been functioning since 1926 as a part of Pathology and Microbiology. Lt. Col. HW Acton was the first in charge of the department along with C Mc Guire, G Panja and KP Banerjee. They detected red grain Mycetoma and worked on superficial Mycoses.

Mc Guire became in charge in 1928 and developed a staining method (Ms Guire Stain) and worked on Actionmyces.

A separate Dermatology and Mycology was established  in 1931 with Dr. Maplestone as in charge. He along with his team  comprising of NC Dey, D Panja and LM Ghosh  worked on Actionmyces along with the effect of various antifungal agents.

There have been basic researches in the Mycology Unit. Presently, Prof. Sukumar Basak is the in charge of the unit  His prime research is on Problematic Opportunistic Fungal Infection encountered in Immunocompromised HIV/AIDs  patients. His students are working under him on Candidiasis, Histoplamosis and Cryptococcus infections in HIV/AIDs patients.along with routine studies on superficial and subcutaneous mycoses.
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