Centre of Excellence (COE) – HIV Care
Laboratory Medicine
Professor  & H.O.D : Prof Sukumar Basak
Professor : Prof Swapna Chaudhuri
Demonstrator : Dr.Anindita Debnath
Research Associate (2) : Dr.Indranil Dhar
  : Dr.Sumi Mukhopadhyay
  : Mrs.Sonali Das
Asst Chemist (On Deputation) : Shri Tridib Mukherjee
Medical Technologist : Sri Pradip Pal
  : Sri Mahirath Naskar
  : Sri Dilip Poddar
  : Sri Uttam Haldar
  : Sri Amlan Kundu
  : Sri Dulal Chatterjee
  : Srimati Rupali Sharma
  : Sri Sukumar Das
Social Welfare Officer : Sri Shankar Das
Health Assistant : Sri Samir Banerjee
Lower Division Assistant : Sri Shankar Baidya
Group D GDA : Sri Samar Das
  : Sri Sukumar Maity
  : Smt. Kanak lata Barik
CT & SW : Sri Tazullah
  : Sri Binod Hela

Patient investigative measures :

  • Total number of biochemical parameters analyzed
    (Bilirubin (Total/Direct), SGOT, SGPT, Total protein, albumin, globulin, alkaline phosphatase,  urea, creatinine,
    Triglyceride, Total Cholesterol, HDL, LDL, VLDL, Uric acid, CSF protein, Ascitic fluid, Pleural fluid , fasting glucose,  post-prandial glucose, HbA1C) : 79,060
  • Total no of electrolyte analysis (Na+/K+/Cl-)  : 2880
  • Total number of thyroid lab investigation (T3, t4, TSH)  : 4032
  • Total no of hematological lab investigation : 1,19,440

       The complete hemogram are carried out by the automated cell counter KX21 the results are usually cross checked using stained slide examination. DC and ESR are done manually.

       The Biochemical investigations are performed routinely with two autoanalysers namely Vitalab Selectra E, Merck and ERBA XL600. Electrolyte estimations are performed with Easylite Plus/ 9180 Roche Na+/K+/Cl- analyzer. Biorad micromat II machine is present for estimation of HbA1c.

III.   Investigations performed for Thyroid profile are: T3, T4, TSH,
       Thyroid profile estimation is performed on regular basis

Courses offered :

DLT : Twenty four students in each batch of two years attends the department in small groups for the period   of one month each to be trained in the different techniques of laboratory medicine course .The course has started from June 08.

Ph.D : At present ten students are actively engaged in pursuing their Ph.D course, two students have submitted their thesis. One student has already been awarded her Ph.D and two students have successfully completed their Ph.D. defense. Four students have been registered under Calcutta University and WB University of Health Sciences. Three students have applied for registration under Calcutta University.

Summer project students : -
       Students from different parts of India have successfully completed their project work.

Ph.D Course work :
       A new Ph.D course work as per UGC guidelines recognized by the University of Calcutta is being offered to both intramural and extramural Ph.D students. The coordinator of this couse is Prof Swapna Chaudhuri.

Research Work of the Department


Professor Email id : swapna.chaudhuri@gmail.com, swapna_chau@rediffmail.com ,Mobile: 9831386832

Prof. (Dr.) Swapna Chaudhuri
Department of Laboratory Medicine,
Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine,
108, C. R. Avenue, Kolkata-700073
Email: swapna.chaudhuri@gmail.com
Cell No: 09831386832
Acadamic status : B.Sc. (Hons.), M.Sc, Ph.D ,FASc.AW,FSSE
                           B.Sc (Honors in Physiology)
                           M.Sc( Physiology with special paper Immunology and Microbiology)
                           Ph.D (Physiology, Specialization-Cancer Immunology)

Specialisation  : Cellular & Molecular Immunology Immunotherapy & Drug Development
Patent Details: Title: A new method of purification of the T11TS component SCIII with multiphasic biological activities resulting in tumor abrogation, Patent application No. 735/KOL/2010 dated 07.07.2010, Published in Patent Gazette No. – Official Journal of the Patent Office, Issue no. 09/2011 dt. 4.3.2011

Special Honour

  1. President, Society for Science and Environment, 2012
  2. Dean, Society for Science and Environment, 2013 onwards 
  3. Organising Secretary, National conference on Interface of Science and Environment : Public health Challenges & 13th Annual Meeting of Society for Science and Environment  2011
  1. Invited to deliver the Keynote Address at the Cellular and Molecular Immunology Symposium at Andhra University, Vishakhapatanam, 2010.
  2. Nomination by Vice Chancellor, Devi Ahilya University, Indore to be a member of the Advisory Committee of the Dept. of Biotechnology of the said University, 2010 till date
  3. Designated as “Leading Scientist” (with Biodata) as published in the Journal of Cell & Tissue Research (Volume 10, No. 2, 2010)
  4. Fellow of the Society of Science and Environment (FSSE)
  5. Admitted as Fellow of Academy of Sciences for Animal Welfare (F-124/2007).
  6. Admitted as Associate of Academy of Sciences for Animal Welfare (F-124/2007).
  7. Certificate of Animal Handling & Surgery by Home Department, United Kingdom.
  8. Invited to deliver a lecture at the prestigious XII Annual symposium on “Immunotherapeutic &   Disease Management: Recent Advances” organized by Ranbaxy Science Foundation in collaboration with Immunology Foundation, 2005
  9. Invited to deliver  Oration Lecture (Suva Mukherjee Memorial Oration) 17th Annual Conference of PSI, 2005 Gulbarga, Karnataka
  10. National Tata Scholarship
  11. National Merit scholarship won for graduation studies.

  Resource Person of Refresher courses :

  1. AICTE Refresher Course in Dept. of Pharmacy, Jadavpur University - Drugs to formulation: Challenges and solutions QIP (Quality Improvement Programe)- 2007
  2. Acted as Special Resource Person of UGC to deliver a Lecture organized by UGC Academic Staff College at University College of Science and Technology, University of Calcutta (2008). (Rajabazar Campus)
  3. Acted as Resource Person of UGC to deliver a Lecture organized by UGC Academic Staff College at University College of Science and Technology, University of Calcutta (2010). (Ballygaunge Campus)
  4. Acted as Resource Person of UGC to deliver 2 Lectures organized by UGC Academic Staff, College at University of Burdwan, 2011
  5. Acted as Special Resource Person of UGC to deliver a Lecture organized by UGC Academic Staff College at University College of Science and Technology, University of Calcutta (2011). (Rajabazar Campus)

Research Guidance (PhD)
Under University Of Calcutta

  1. An experimental approach towards elucidation of the mechanisms in Brain tumor immunotherapy: Role of a non- specific Biological response modifier- Susobhan Sarkar. [Awarded Ph.D,2002, now a Post-doctoral fellow of University of Calgary, Canada]
  2. An  immunological  approach  towards  the  functional  activation of  microglia in  brain,  with  and  without  tumor :  hints  for  therapeutic  modulation.-   Zarina Begum. [Thesis Awarded] 2004 (Now a lecturer at Department of Biotechnology, Shaheed Udham SinghCollege of Engineering & Technology, Tangori, Mohali)
  3. Characterisation  of  T11TS / SLFA-3 and  its  application  as  an  immunomodulatory  adjunct in  brain  tumor therapy  :  an immunomolecular  & genetic approach in  animal   models- Joydeep  Mukherjee. [Thesis Awarded, 2004 and joined as a Researcher at University of California, San Francisco]
  4. Role of microglial in immunomodulation with a novel glycopeptide T11TS/SLFA-3 in Brain Tumor induced animal model: an approach towards intracranial immune reactivity- Anirban Ghosh  [Thesis Awarded 2005, Now Senior Lecturer and Head, Zoology Dept, Panihati Mahavidyalaya, WB State University]
  5. Regression of brain tumors with a novel immunotherapeutic agent T11TS: The mechanistic approach of T11TS as an apoptosis inducer of brain tumor cells - Malabika Mazumdar. (Thesis  Awarded 2008, Now Senior Lecturer at Dept. of Zoology, Vivekananda College, Kolkata)
  6. Assessment of pharmacodynamics and acute, short and long term toxicity   profile of T11TS in two murine strains.- Pallab Sarkar (Thesis Awarded 2008, WBCS Officer, Govt. of WB)
  7. Elucidation of the expression of pivotal proteins playing central role in cell survival and cell death cascades in experimental brain tumor model with and without T11TS.- Sagar Acharya (Thesis Awarded 2009, Lecturer Zoology Dept. Vidyasagar University)
  8. Structural characterization of an antineoplastic glycoprotein T11Ts and elucidation of its structure-function relationship.-Sirshendu Chatterjee (Thesis Awarded, 2010, R.A. Tea Board)
  9. Documentation and elucidation of antineoplastic effect of T11TS on pivotal steps in  abrogation of target tumor cell of in vitro human System- Pankaj Kumar (Thesis Awarded, 2011 Scientist Human Resource Development, Govt. of India)
  10. Delineation of the T-cell signaling pathway in glioma-induced rats following administration of a novel immunotherapeutic molecule, T11TS- Suhnrita Chaudhuri (Submitted  Thesis pre synopsis ) 2012
  11. An insight into the role of T11TS in regulation of angiogenic factors aiming at anti-angiogenic glioma therapy - Manoj Singh (Submitted  Thesis pre synopsis)  2012
  12. Modulation of Angioigenic signaling by immunotherapeutic agent T11TS in experimentally induced glioma.- Debanjan Bhattacharya (Registered) 2011
  13. Unraveling the immunological mechanism with special emphasis on T Reg cells following Alstonia scholaris pollen challenge & subsequent immunotherapy in animal model for asthma- Dr. Saibal Moitra (Registered 2012)
  14. An insight into the Immunotherapeutic effect of T11TS, a novel glycoprotein molecule in Cryptococcus neoformans infections in rats Iman Hazra, (Registered, 2012)

Research Co-Guidance (PhD)

  1. The role of Nigella sativa seed extract on experimental epileptic rat models- Debasis Biswas (Thesis Awarded)
  2. Protective effect of Moringa oleifera leaf extract on experimental gastric ulcer model- Siddhartha Debnath (Thesis Awarded)
  3. Attempts to evaluate the subacute toxicity of T11TS in C\anine Species: Pinaki Biswas
  4. Effect of Moringa olifera leaf extract on experimental model of Alzheimer’s disease on rats.    Ms. Ranita Ganguly (Thesis Awarded)
  5. The role of aqueous extract of ripe fruit pulp of Aegle marmelos on experimental rat models of peptic ulcer Ms. Purnima Singh (Thesis Awarded)

M.D. Thesis under University of Calcutta

  1. Immunesuppression of malignant brain tumor patient following surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy Indranil Bose [Awarded MD,2005]
  2. Clinical trial of a novel glycopeptide: T11TS/SLFA3/CD58 on cancer patients” Abir Bandopadhya

West Bengal University of Health Sciences :

PhD Thesis

  1. Unraveling the apoptotic and immunological mechanisms following Alstonia scholaris pollen challenge in an animal model for asthma and studying the impact of specific immunotherapy. Ankur Datta, (Registered, 2012)
  2. An Experimental approach towards Immunomodulatory effects of T11TS on Haematopoietic Stem Cells in Glioma induced rats. Somnath Mondal, (Registered, 2012)

DM Thesis Co Guidance under West Bengal University of Health Sciences :

Study of effectiveness of methotrexate-pioglitazine combination compared to methotrexate alone in patients of plaque psoriasis with an attempt to revisit some relevant immunological perspectives- Dr. Indranil Banerjee MD (Registered 2012)
M.V.Sc Thesis-Co Guidance under University of Animal and Fishery Sciences :

  1. Studies on Canine generalized demodicosis with special reference to immunostimulant therapy Shankar Mahato.(Awarded,2004)
  2. Toxicological studies on canine species. Amar Pal.(Awarded,2005)
  3. Development of novel immunotherapeutic protocol using the glycopeptides T11TS/SLFA-3 against Chronic Recurrent Canine Pyoderma in and around Kolkata. Jinu Mathews.(Awarded,2006)

MSc Dissertation thesis

  1. APS University, MP
  2. Avinashlingam Deemed University, Tamil Nadu

Thesis Adjudicator

              1. Andra University (2)
              2. Jadavpur University
              3. Bharathidasan University, Trichi(2)
              4. NIPER, Jadavpur

Member of the Editorial Board

  1. Associate Editor of Eastern Zone Journal of Herbal Medicine and Toxicology
  2. Editor, Journal of Cell and Tissue Research, Vol: 11 Supplement 2011
  3. Member of the Editorial Board Journal of Cell & Tissue Research
  4. International Journal of Pharmacology and Biological Sciences

Scientific Paper Reviewer

  1. Brain (Oxford University Press, U.K)
  2. International Journal of Cancer (John-Willey, USA)
  3. Journal of Neuroscience (John-Willey, USA)
  4. Cellular immunology (Elsevier Publications)
  5. Cellular & Molecular Biology (France)
  6. Indian Journal of Physiology and Allied Sciences
  7. Indian Journal of Medical Sciences
  8. Journal of Cell and Tissue Research
  9. Journal of Oncology (Hindawi Publication, USA)

Invited Lecture

  1. Invited Lecture, National conference of Allergy and Respiratory Disease, Kolkata 2012
  2. Inaugural lecture, Indian Academy of Neuroscience( Kolkata Chapter), Kolkata, 2012

Professional Affiliation

  1. Society for Environment & Science (Life  Member)
  2. Indian  Immunology  Society (Life  Member)
  3. Physiological  Society  of  India  (Life Member)
  4. Indian Academy of NeuroScience (Life Member)
  5. Society of Toxicology, India (Life Member)
  6. Centre for Advanced Science and Technology (Life Member)
  7. British  Society  of  Immunology
  8. Indian  College  of  Allergy &  Applied  Immunology
  9. Electron  Microscope  Society  of  India
  10. Immunology study Group, W.B Chapter
  11. International Union against Cancer (UICC)

Dr. Anindita Debnath [M.Sc (CU), Ph.D (Life science, JU)]

Demonstrator (Basic Teacher, WBGS)
Email: anindita_hi@rediffmail.com; debnath.anindita@gmail.com
Departmental Patient Service activities : Regular involvement in patient sample analysis (Biochemistry Unit) including-
  • Supervision of sample receiving
  • Supervision of sample processing
  • Supervision of sample analysis
  • Compilation of patient reports (Biochemical)
  • Supervision of regular dispatch of reports from dispatching desk
  • Supervision of biochemistry kit stocks etc
Academic activities :
  • Training (hands-on, theoretical) of DLT final year students in laboratory work biochemistry unit)
  • Classes of Physics (M.Sc. second year) students of University of Calcutta on Bio-medical instrumentation
  • PhD course work class
Research activities:
Participation in :
  • 21st Annual Conference of the Indian Pharmacological Society, West Bengal Chapter, School of Tropical Medicine, Kolkata, January 2012
  • Toxinological Society of India-Dr. Kali Pradip Chaudhuri (TSI-KPC) Oration; (Title-”Long battle against leishmaniasis, a neglected tropical disease” delivered by Dr. Hemanta Kumar Majumder, FNA, Senior Scientist-CSIR IICB); held at KPC Medical College, Kolkata, April, 2012
  • National Workshop-cum-seminar on “Research Methodology and Publication”, sponsored by ICMR, New Delhi, Organized by Department of Physiology, at JIPMER, Puducherry. The Workshop-cum-seminar comprised of 25 hours of CME & is attributed with 30 credit points. August, 2012
Membership :
  • Life Member: Toxinological Society of India (TSI)
  • Member: International Society of Toxinology (IST)
    Dr. Indranil Dhar [MBBS, DCH (Cal), MD (AIIMS)]
Demonstrator (WBMES)
  • Responsibility to supervise all patient care services provided by the department including quality control of the tests done in the department, supervising and troubleshooting during the performance of biochemical and hematological tests.
  • Responsibility of signing the reports generated from the department.
    Teaching :
  • Calcutta University approved PhD course work and students of Medical Biotechnology of WB Health University.
  • Had taken class in the department of Transfusion medicine. Medical college kolkata on Quality control.
  • M.Sc Biomedical Instrumentation, University of Calcutta, 3rd semester, Class on “Cell counter” Feb 2012.
Dr. Sumi Mukhopadhyay [M.Sc(CU), Ph.D (Life science, JU)]
Research Associate (Teaching Cadre, WBGS)
Email : sumibanerjee2001@yahoo.co.in and drsumimukhopadhyay@gmail.com
Research Project proposals sanctioned :
  1. Evaluation of a blood-based antigen detection assay by quantitating unique sialoglycoprotein specifically induced on erythrocytes for early diagnosis and monitoring patients with Indian Visceral Leishmaniasis in two referral centers. In collaboration with CSIR-IICB, Kolkata and ICMR-RMRIMS, Patna, Funded by ICMR, Govt of India, 2012-2015. Acting as Principal Investigator at STM. (ongoing)
  2. A Study on early diagnosis of dengue infection by NS1 Antigen detection and prediction of disease outcome by clinical & laboratory parameters in collaboration with Dept of Tropical Medicine and Department of Microbiology, Virology unit, School of Tropical Medicine.: Acting as Co Investigator Funding agency:  NRHM, Min of Health & family welfare, Govt of W.Bengal 2011-2013. (ongoing)
  3. Study of thyroid anamolies in HIV-Infected patients and the effect of HAART in collaboration with Dept of Tropical Medicine, School of Tropical Medicine. Acting as Co Principal Investigator Funding agency: NRHM, Min of Health & family welfare, Govt of W.Bengal,   2012-2014.
  4. Characterizing circulating immune complexes, complement consumption, Chemokine and cytokine responses for the early diagnosis and follow up of arthralgia severity in Chikungunya patients. Acting as Co Principal Investigator. Funding agency: NRHM, Min of Health & family welfare, Govt of W.Bengal,  2012-2014.
  5. Biochemical characterization of host defense responses and status of sialic acid in Indian leishmaniasis. 2012- 2016.  By CSIR UGC sponsored candidate Mr.Anirban Talukdar. Acting as Principal Investigator. (ongoing).
Research Project proposal submitted:
  1. Diagnostic utility of clinically relevant O-acetylated sialoglycans for the early identification of patients with Visceral Leishmaniasis in West Bengal. In collaboration with CSIR-IICB, Kolkata, Applied to WBDST 2012. Acting as Principal Investigator.

Project Research fellows

  1. Mr. Anirban Talukdar – CSIR UGC NET JRF qualified
  2. Mr. Souvik Datta - ICMR project staff
  3. Mr. Anindya Mukherjee – Project Research fellow, STM

Membership :

  1. Member, Indian Science congress
  2. Member, International Society of Infectious diseases

Conferences Attended:

  1. CME on Infectious Diseases, organized by Department of Tropical Medicine, STM at Kolkata 2012.
  2. 100 Years of antimonials, organized by Leishmaniasis Research Society India, at CSIR-IICB, Govt of India Kolkata, November 2012.
  3. 100th Indian Science Congress, Theme: Science for shaping future of India, Section: Medical Sciences, Venue: All India Institute of Hygiene and Public Health , Govt of India, January 3-7 2013, Kolkata.

Departmental responsibilities taken :
Responsibility to supervise the performance of Thyroid investigation of all indoor and outdoor patients.

Teaching :

  1. M.Sc Biomedical Instrumentation, University of Calcutta, 3rd semester, Class on “Biochemical  analysis on Auto analyser” Feb 2012.
  2. Training classes of 2nd year DLT students, throughout the year  in Department of Laboratory Medicine, School of Tropical Medicine 

Publications :

  1. Erythrocyte membrane alteration and its correlation with the degree of Dengue severity. By Anindya Mukherjee, Arindam Naskar, Ranajoy Sankar Bhattacharya, Yogiray Ray, Soumen Halder, Manab Ghosh ,Debananda Gonjhu, Dolonchampa Modak,Mehebubar Rahman, Sudeshna Mallik, Indranil Dhar, Sukumar Basak, Bhaswati Bandyopadhyay, Sumi Mukhopadhyay** and Bibhuti Saha ** Poster presented at the 100th Indian Science congress January 3-7 2013, Kolkata
  2. Serum superoxide dismutase: a predictor of therapeutic responsiveness in patients with Indian leishmaniasis. By Anirban Talukdar, Rajarshee Banerjee, Abhijit Das, Dipankar Pal, Bibhuti Saha* and Sumi Mukhopadhyay* Poster presented at the 100th Indian Science congress January 3-7 2013, Kolkata
    Mrs. Sonali Das, (M.Sc., CU)
    Research Associate (Teaching Cadre, WBGS)

Publications :

  1. Saha. P., Guha. S K., Das S., Mullick S., Ganguly S., Bera .D K., Biswas A., Chattopadhyay G., Das M., Kundu. PK., Ray. K. and Maji A K.(2012) Comparative efficacy 1 of Artemisinin Combination Therapies (ACTs) in P. falciparum malaria and polymorphism of PfATPase6, Pfcrt, Pfdhfr and Pfdhps genes in tea gardens of Jalpaiguri district, India. Antimicrobial Agent and Chemotherapy  doi: 10.1128/ AAC.05388-11AAC.05388-11
  2. Pabitra Saha, Subhasish K Guha, Sonali Das, Shrabanee Mullick, Swagata Ganguly, Asit Biswas, Dilip K Bera, Gaurangadeb Chattopadhyay, Madhusudan Das, Pratip K Kundu,Krishnangshu Ray, Ardhendu K Maji. Comparative efficacies of artemisinin combination therapies in Plasmodium falciparum malaria and polymorphism of pfATPase6, pfcrt, pfdhfr, and pfdhps genes in tea gardens of Jalpaiguri District, India.Antimicrob. Agents Chemother. May 2012
  3. Saha P, Naskar A, Ganguly S, Das S, Guha SK, Biswas A, Bera DK, Kundu PK, Das M, Mullick S, Ray K, and Maji AK,  (2012)  Therapeutic efficacy of Artemisinin Combination Therapies and prevalence of S769N mutation in PfATPase6 gene of P. falciparum in Kolkata, India. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine (In press)
  4. Ganguly S., Saha P., Guha SK., Das S., Bera DK., Biswas A., Kundu PK., Saha B.,Ray K.and Maji AK. In vivo therapeutic efficacy of chloroquine alone or in combination with primaquine in vivax malaria in Kolkata, West Bengal, India and polymorphism in pvmdr1 and pvcrt-0 genes. Antimicrobial Agent and Chemotherapy. (In Press)2012
  5. Saha. P., Naskar, A., Ganguly S., Das S., Guha. S K., Biswas A., Bera .D K., Kundu. PK., Das, M., Mullick S., Ray. K. and Maji A K.Therapeutic efficacy of Artemisinin Combination Therapies and prevalence of S769N mutation in PfATPase6 gene of P. falciparum in Kolkata, India. Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine. ( In Press).2012

Conferences/training programme attended :
Attended the CME on infectious disease, organized by department of Tropical Medicine, STM at kolkata.

Paper  communicated :

  1. Sonali Das, Pabitra Saha, Swagata Ganguly,  Subhasish K. Guha, Dilip K. Bera, Asit Biswas, Madhusudan Das, Pratip K. Kundu, Krishnangshu Ray and Ardhendu K. MajiPrevalence of pfdhfr–pfdhps mutations and in vivo efficacy of sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine in the treatment of P. falciparum malaria in West Bengal,India.”(December,2012)
  2. Swagata Ganguly, Pabitra Saha, Subhasish Guha, Asit Biswas, Sonali Das, Pratip Kundu, and Ardhendu Maji. “A high prevalence of asymptomatic malaria in a tribal population of Eastern India”(December,2012)

Classes taken :

  1. M.Sc Biomedical Instrumentation, University of Calcutta, 3rd semester, Class on “Biochemical  analysis on Auto analyser” Feb 2012.
  2. Training classes of 2nd year DLT students, throughout the year  in Department of Laboratory Medicine, School of Tropical Medicine. 

Field Experience :

Field studies in Jalpaiguri and Purulia district  related to the research project entitled “Role of detection and treatment of asymptomic p.falciparum to eliminate malaria: a pilot study in Jalpaiguri and Purulia  district, West Bengal.
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