Centre of Excellence (COE) – HIV Care
Professor and Acting HOD Prof. (Dr.) R. P. Goswami
Assistant Professor Dr. Nidhi Dikshit
Medical Technologist Mr. R. S. Samanta
(Post-5) Four posts are vacant
G.D.A. Mr. K. C. Manna
  Mr. Atul Chandra Das
C.T. & S.W. Mr. Prabir Kumar Hazra

Thalassaemia Control Unit (State Thalassaemia Control Programme, West Bengal)

Medical Officer In Charge (Post-1) Dr. Arpita Banerjee
Counsellor (Post-2) Moumita Biswas
Madhumita Samanta
Lab. Technologist (Post-2) Sunayana Datta
Somrita Gantait
Data Entry Operator (Post-1) Sujata Acharya
Staff Nurse (Post-2) Krishna Guha Thakurta
G.D.A. (Post-2) Sher Md. Middya
  Mirza Samir Ali

Departmental activities through six units :
a)   General Unit.
b)   Anaemia Unit.
c)   Haemoglobinopathy and Thalassaemia Control Unit - State Thalassaemia Control Programme, West Bengal.
d)   Haematology – Oncology Unit.
e)   Immunohaematology Unit
f)   Coagulation Unit.
Facilities available in this department are :
1.   Diagnostic  Facilities :
               Hemoglobin Estimation
            Routine Blood Counts
            Routine Morphological Evaluation of Blood Cells
            Osmotic Fragility Test
            Fetal Hemaglobin Estimation
            Direct Haemaglutination Test
            Indirect Haemaglutination Test
            Coagulation Profile
            Estimation of Red Blood cell Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Level
            L. E. Cell Preparation
            Reticulocyte Count
            Evaluation of Heinz Body Hemalytic Anaemia
            Bone Marrow Aspiration Cytology
            Bone Marrow Trephine Biopsy
            Special Cytochemical Stains (Myeloperoxidase, Sudan Black B, Prussian Blue)
2.   Treatment Facilities :
a)  Patient Services
Haematology O.P.D. two days every week – Monday & Thrusday
O.P.D. Timing – 9 a.m. to 2p.m.
Day Care Clinic – Four Bedded Day Care Clinic is running in all weekdays.

In Patient Services
Carmichael Hospital for Tropical Diseases situated within the Campus, a 150 bed fully equipped hospital, used exclusively for patients of Calcutta School of Tropical Medicine. Patients are admitted in this Hospital both in free and paying beds. All routine therapeutic drugs and Basics Anti-Cancer medicines are provided FREE of cost to blood cancer patients.

We have started Day Care Centre for blood transfusion in 2011.

Routine Indoor & OPD Cases :

OPD Patients Indoor Death
Old New
3900 912 315 9

b)  Laboratory Facilities : (Both Indoor & OPD Patient) Year - 2012             

ITEM Total No.
Routine Blood Examination 2154
Coagulation Study 382
Osmotic Fragility 12
Bone Marrow Examination 81
Coomb’s Test 14
HPLC 4030
Sickling Test 18
Cytochemistry 55
Reticulocyte 365

3.   Teaching Facilities : 
            Department is involved in the following teaching programme.
            a)   M.D. (Tropical Medicine) : Theory & Clinical Classes
            b)   D.L.T. : Theory Classes – 36
                             Practical Classes – 02 Hrs/Day, 5 Days in a Week for 12 Months.
                  D.L.T. Course (2nd Year) Training for 5 Hrs./day, 6 Days a week for 12 Months.
            c)   D.C.P. : Theory Classes & Laboratory Examinations.

4.   Research Activites :  
      a)   Haematological aspects in HIV intected patients in collaboration with department of Tropical Medicine.
      b)   Bone Marrow morphological assessment in HIV infected patients in collaboration with department of Tropical Medicine.
      c)   Study of coagulation abnormality in HIV infected patients in collaboration with department of Tropical Medicine.
      d)   Effect of Imatinib Mesylate in C.M.L.
      e)   Effect of Lenalidomide in Myelodysplastic Syndrome.
      f)    Effect of Hydroxyurea in Haemoglobinopathy.

III.   OTHER ACTIVITIES :           
a) West Bengal Thalassaemia Control Programme (Thalassamia Contol Unit, STM)was   started in February 2011. In 2012, 4030 respondents were screened by HPLC and about 498 respondents were detected as carriers.
b) Out Reach Camps for Thalassaemia Awareness & Screening were performed on regular basis at different Schools, Colleges and  at different Social events like Book        Fair, Vigyan Mela etc.
c) Thalassaemia Camps were also organised at long distance places like Burdwan, Hooghly, Howrah, Sandeshkhali, Madhyamgram, Bagnan, Gajipur, Srerampore etc.

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