Centre of Excellence (COE) – HIV Care
Unit-in Charge Professor D. K. Bera
Demonstrator Dr. P. K. Sikdar
Medical Technologist Sri Rajsekhar Das
  Sri Suprobhat Nandy
GDA Sri Tapan Kumar Biswas
C.T.&S.W. Sri K. Narasingha Rao
1)   Teaching and Training Programme :
The Teaching  programme on Medical Helminthology consists of Lectures, Tutorial classes, Clinical demonstrations and Practical classes. Every year, these were organised for the different courses in the following manner  :
Course No of Theory Classes No of Practical Classes Demonstration Classes
M.D. (Trop.Med.) 20 >20
DTM&H 25 25 >20
DLT 20 20 100
MD Microbiology 15 15 15
MD from other Institute 10 10 10

2)   Routine : In - Patient & Out - Patient Care with Laboratory works :
As in the previous years, the department was responsible for two out-patient clinics, as its regular features, on three days a week, two days for Filariasis Clinic and one day for Intestinal Helminthiasis clinic. During the years under review, the total number of patients attending the out patient’s clinic was 4783 (3285, for Filariasis and 1498, for Intestinal Helminthiasis).

A) Intestinal   Helminthiasis  :  

Number of patients examined in Helminthology Unit

Patients from Male Female Total Positive
Indoor 431 242 673 170
Out door 450 364 814 325
Total 881 606 1487 495

The prevalence of different types of helminthic infections as observed from an examination of 1756 cases (Indoor- 651 and outdoor –1105) during the years under review are shown in the following Table :

Table : Prevalence of Different Helminthic Infections for The Year 2012

Helminthic Infection Indoor Outdoor Total Prevalence
Hookworm 56 76 132 8.8%
Ascaris lumbricoides      22 48 70 4.7%
Trichuris trichiura 50 90 140 9.4%
Enterobius vermicularis 14 27 41 2.7%
Strongyloides stercoralis 23 44 67 4.5%
Taenia saginata 01 24 25 1.6%
Taenia solium 01 24 25 1.6%
Hymenolepis nana 04 16 20 1.3%
Hymenolepis diminuta 0 0 0 0%
Dipylidium caninum 0 0 0 0%

Others :
    i)   Liver (Mainly the larval form of Echinococcus granulosus)
         Hydatid cyst                                       03                    05                    8

    ii) Helminthic Infection of Eye
         (a) Gnathostoma spps.                          02                    00                    2
                                                             (3rd stage larza)    (R.I.O.)

         (b) Loa loa in subconjunctival                 01                    —                     1
               space of man

B) Filariasis :
Attendance of patients in filaria clinic

     Month                                 NEW                                                        OLD     
   Jan-Dec         Male          Female        Total         Male        Female      Total       Grand Total
     2012            877            691           1568          869           848         1717          3285

The Table shows the number of different types of clinical expression of Filariasis with their relative distribution, as observed amongst the patients attending the Filariasis clinic during the period under review.

Clinical Manifestations   Number Percentage
Elephantiasis Inferior Extremities 190 5.7%
  Superior Extremities 10 0.3%
  Genitalia 5 0.1%
Lymphoedema Inferior Extremities 2556 77.8%
  Superior Extremities 90 2.7%
Lymphangitis Inferior Extremities 255 7.7%
  Superior Extremities 10 0.3%
Hydrocoele   85 2.5%
Epi- orchitis with funiculitis   20 0.6%
Chyluria   12 0.3%
Asymptomatic Carriers                                  2 0.06%
Miscellaneous (including lymphadenitis)   50 1.5%

Laboratory Examinations :
i)    Laboratory examinations carried out during the period for both indoor and outdoor patients are as follows ;-
           Nature of  Examinations                                            No.of Specimens 
           Examination of  blood sample for Microfilaria                         601
           Exam. of  Blood for Differential Count                                1036                            
           Exam. of  Urine                                                                  4            

C)  Research Projects : Professor Bera acting as co-investigator of the following projects funded by Dept. of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal
  i)   “Status of antimalarial drug resistance of  P. falciparum in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.”
  ii)  “Comperative efficacy of various Artemisinin combination therapies in treatment of P. falciparum in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.”
  iii) “Status of antimalarial drug resistance of  P. falciparum malaria in the Districts of  Purulia, Bankura, Pachim Midnapore and Kolkata.”


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