Centre of Excellence (COE) – HIV Care
Endocrine, Nutrition & Metabolic Diseases
Head of the Department : Prof. Prabir Kumar Kundu
Dietitian : Sri S. Das Gupta
G.D.A. : Sri D. K. Das
CT & SW : Sri N. K. Rao

Departmental Outlook :

  • To take the community based approaches with a view to creating awareness regarding upraising trend of Non communicable chronic complecations (CVD, Diabetes, Metabolic abnormalities, hormonal disorientation etc.). Specially due to obesity and central tendency as well as to combat it by the advance knowledge, attitude and practice both curative and preventive application.
  • To conduct community based survey/applied research with a view to assesing the health and nutrition scenario and to find out the ways and means for loadshading such national health burdon.
  • To assess the nutritional status of pediatrics in the society with the special attention to subclinical state (hidden) under nutrition, secondery severly malnourighed as well as childhood obesity with a view to creating awareness and to way out the pediatric good  health and nutrition strategies.
  • To treat Diabetics and tropical pediatrics for which we are pioneer by the advanced knowledge in the field of Health and  Nutrition.
  • To enrich the Medical and Nutritional fraternity by sharing our views and yearlong experiences though a number of knowledge sharing academic exercises .

Routine Indoor & Outdoor Activities :
Following number of inpatients and outpatients received Medical & Nutritional therapy by the Medical Faculty & Dietitian and also guided more number of referred cases by other institutional departments/other medical Institutions:

Indoor : Total number of treated inpatients -188, Death - 3

  • Diabetes & other Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases - 174
  • Pediatrics - 14

Outdoor : Total number of treated patients - 7122

  • Diabetes & other Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases      
                       New cases - 2275
                       Followup cases - 4827
  • Tropical Pediatrics : Total number of treated patients - 483
                       New cases - 354
                       Followup cases - 129

Special Note :

  1. Indoor and Outdoor patients receive (beside the routine investigation) specialized investigations e.g. Thyroid Function Tests, Glycosylated Hb (HbA1C), continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Vibration Perception Threshold (VPT), Ankle Brachical Index (ABI), Watergen’s Wheel Test etc., specially for the academic interest.
  2. Post discharge followup rate is nearly cent per cent.
  3. This Department receives referred patients with Diabetes and other Endocrine Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases from different parts of Eastern India.
  4. This Department treated referred HIV/AIDS patients with Diabetic, secondary under nutrition and Metabolic complications from Virology Departments/ART Centres.
  5. Nutritional Councelling, Monitoring and Medical Nutritional Therapy provided to all indoor and outdoor patients treated in this Department as well as referred other Clinical Departments of this Institution and other other Medical Institutions.

Academic Activities of the Department :

Teaching :

  • Theoretical classes, beside teaching and on spot clinical teaching in OPD for MD and DTM &H students.
  • Training on clinical Diabetics at AIIH&PH.
  • Guest lecture delivered on invitation for the students & faculty of Ayurvedic Medical College under University of Calcutta.
  • Special classes for medical officers from North Eastern States.

Departmental CME & Seminers & Case Presentation :
Specially organized for Post Graduate Trainee Students where most of our Faculty Members attends.

Tropics & Dates :

  1. Incretin based management - its position in todays treatment of T2DM on 16.1.12
  2. EASD update on 31.1.12
  3. BIOSIMILAR on 15.2.12
  4. Dietary Carbohydrate content : Implication in Diabetics Management on 5.3.12
  5. Case Presentation by Dr. Kaushik Mondal on 12.3.12
  6. Diabetic Lipidosis on 26.3.12
  7. Diagnosis & management of Vertigo on 16.4.12
  8. Intensification of Lipid Management on 13.4.12
  9. MNT in Diabetics on 20.4.12
  10. Hypo-obesity on 4.5.12
  11. Oumisertan - Beyond central of Hypertension on 15.6.12
  12. Better reduction of Cardio-Metabolic risks & Statin Side-Effects on 25.6.12
  13. Fixed doze combination of Telmesertan S. Amlodipine - how far it is rational on 4.7.12
  14. CKD Management - Nutritional Approach on 13.7.12
  15. Incretin Mimetics on 20.7.12
  16. GOVT on 13.8.12
  17. Case presentation - Highlighting Sitaglipfin on 24.8.12
  18. Insulin Initiation & Interaction is T2DM on 27.8.12
  19. Betablocker (Metoprold) in post MI & HF  - is it beneficial on 3.9.12
  20. Diabetic Neuropathy on 5.10.12
  21. Lipid Lowering for CV risks on 5.11.12
  22. The importance of PPG on 7.12.12
  23. ARB’s - who stands where - 10.12.12

Research :
WBDST sponsored study - “Age, Sex & Ethnic Variation in Cardiovascular & Hepatic risk factor related Health & Nutritional Status in Three Adult Tribal Population of Birbhum District in West Bengal.

Lectures Delivered :
Dr. P. K. Kundu, chairs and delivered speech in a number of seminers/conferences of National & International reputes.    

The Past Reputation of the Department :

  1. Realized the comprehensive and holistic approach towards management of Diabetes long ago in early part of 20th century and opened a Diabetes OPD. Separated from deptt. of Medicine in 1921 (oldest Diabetes clinic in Asia).
  2. New scoring system for classification, categorization and characterization of childhood protein energy Malnutrition (PEM) was introduced - adopted in international and national books as reference.
  3. Concept of Atrophic rickets introduced.

The Present Glory of the Department :
Achieved by Dr. Prabir Kumar Kundu, only existing faculty in the department.

  1. Identification, Detection, Characterization and presentation of malnutrition related Diabetes mellitus (MRDM), especially Fibrocalculus pancreatic diabetes (FCPD) Cases first time in the state with publication in national and internation journals.
  2. Entities of MRDM were adopted in classification of diabetes by ADA in their position Statement and by WHO in their guidelines of classification of diabetes.
  3. Research going on relating childhood nutritionalRickets with Fibrocalculus Pancreatic Diabetes (FCPD).
  4. Epidemiological study under DST project on assessment of cardiovascular and hepatic risk factors in Tribal of  West Bengal.
  5. Regional facilitator for the certificate course in evidence based Diabetes mellitus, organized by PHFI (Public Health Foundation of India).

Proposing to open certificate Diploma course in diabetes & metabolic diseases (1 year duration) among medical doctors aiming at imparting skill, knowledge & clinical expertise which enable them to explore carrier in the holistic management of DM which has the highest burden in our region among all categories of patients.

Future Aspiration :

  1. Open DM course in Endocrine and metabolic Disease in near future.
  2. Upgrade infrastructure of the department with the help of the director, STM & the deptt. of Health and Family Welfare.
  3. Filling up the vacant posts and promotion of the existing faculty to strengthen the Department.
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